The virtual tour, the real estate revolution !

Immersive, economical and interactive, optimize your time and sell better

Discover our made to measure solutions developed specifically for real estate agencies and developers.

Virtuapartner - Agence innovante - Réalité Virtuelle - Immobilier

Equipped with virtual reality goggles, visit real estate as you were there. Move from room to room, observe every detail and make a complete, remote visit.

Virtuapartner - Agence innovante - Réalité Virtuelle - Compatibilite

The VirtuaPartner© virtual tour

Do not hesitate to visit this sumptuous villa in Marrakech. Simply choose a room in this 3D representation and then move through following the white “spots”. Enjoy your visit !

Your property in 3D

Thanks to unique technology, your property is scanned entirely in 3D. This 3D scanner allows to have a faithful reproduction of the whole property, to generate a 2D plan and to have 3D modeling.

Virtuapartner - Agence innovante - Réalité Virtuelle - Immobilier
Virtuapartner - Agence innovante - Réalité Virtuelle - Immobilier

First organize virtual visits then move only for really interesting propositions.

Economical, ecological and interactive, optimize your time and sell better

Advantages :

For the agency :
  • Digital transition: your agency enters into the era of virtual reality.
  • Innovate by giving a high tech image of your company.
  • Reduce the number of actual visits and avoid unnecessary trips to properties that will be eliminated at a glance.
  • Sell 7 to 8% more expensive. The image of the property surveyed virtually remains at the top of the list of choices. When visiting with the agent, the buyer is reassured and tends to buy faster at a price he has already accepted. The negotiation is easier than during a normal visit.
  • Sustainable development, optimize the environmental impact of your business by limiting the movement and emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Instantaneous, the communication is made in real time, as soon as a new property is scanned, it becomes immediately visitable
  • Mobility, no computer needed, our solution is 100% mobile, you can easily go to your client to present your assets.
  • Show more properties and especially the ones that the buyer would not have had time to visit.
  • Customer loyalty is acquired by equipping them with VR masks such as cardboards and you gain a decisive advantage over the competition.
  • To Increase the number of potential buyers, your customers can discover your proposals from anywhere in the world.
  • Increase exclusive mandates by offering a virtual tour of the dwelling to the seller, the exclusive mandate is more easily negotiated.
For the seller :
  • Limit visits, no longer necessary to organize visits for buyers who have not yet really defined their needs.
  • No more geographical constraints, the property can be visited even from abroad and for free. A potential client, even far away, will be able to visit your property and be convinced that this property is the right one.
  • Selling better and faster by multiplying visits.
  • Increase the attractiveness of properties by presenting it in innovative way.
  • Weather hazards, you are no longer dependent on meteorological constraints that can diminish the attractiveness of your property.
For the buyer :
  • Saving time, instead of spending hours doing dozens of visits, one appointment is enough to pre-visit a selection of properties.
  • No more need to move, one can visit properties from several thousands of kilometers away.
  • Optimization of visits, one moves only for the properties that really meet expectations.
  • Conviviality: the virtual visits can be carried out comfortably in the agency or elsewhere, allowing for more exchanges with the agent to better understand the expectations of the buyer.
  • Visit 24/7, no more time constraints.
  • Review the properties visited as many times as you wish.

Retain your customers by allowing them to visit at any time from a computer or a smartphone your selection of properties

A cardboard is a virtual reality mask that works with any smartphone.

Innovative, immersive, original, inexpensive, offer your customers a carboard with your logo and the opportunity to visit where and when they want.

Incredibly simple

With the tip of your fingers you have the possibility of freely navigating these three dimensional reconstructed spaces. Our solution shows reality in a few clicks and this will immediatly seduce your customers.

Virtuapartner - Agence innovante - Réalité Virtuelle - Compatibilite