Interactive 3D Virtual Tours

Prepared by : Fabrice PECH |

Visit one of the Yachts

The 3D Virtual Tours diffusion

They can be integrated on your website and your social networks. Also positioned in email signature, the virtual tour will be an added value of your correspondence.


The use of the visits

Computer, Tablet, Smartphone and VR mask compatibility. At your premises, when you receive a client, outside at a meeting, or at a show, wherever you are, you will have at your disposal the entire catalog.


The conditions of realization

Every place must be empty of people, clean and tidy. The visits that we realize, can not be retouched, therefore VirtuaPartner can not be held responsible for the bad rendering of a visit, if the conditions of realization are not respected.


3D Virtual Tour hosting

3D Virtual Tour hosting is included for a period of one year. Beyond this period you will be charged 50,00 € / year / Virtual visit.


The conditions of delivery of the 3D Virtual Tour

Once the shooting is done, VirtuaPartner agrees to deliver the link of your visits within a maximum of 72 hours.

VirtuaTags Integration

  • VirtuaTags offered / visit then 10€/Additional VirtuaTags


What is a VirtuaTag ?

A VirtuaTag is an interactive dot that will provide information to visitors :

  • Equipment technical sheet
  • Vehicle description
  • Redirect link to your website
  • Promotional video
  • Contact form
  • Interior configurator
  • Etc…

Creation of an animated visual from the Virtual Visit

This visual will allow you to highlight your surface in one click.

Practical, ergonomic, this solution is a real added value and accessible to all

– To publish:

  • on your social networks
  • in your email signatures
  • on your website
  • on your ads

From 450€.

2D Plans

  • From each virtual visit we have the possibility to extract a 2D plan of the modeled surface.

From 100€.

  • Webdesign

  • Aerial Shots

  • Video Production

  • Webmarketing

Designation of services and costs :

Qty Unit Prite Price

3D scan and formatting of the interior of a 80m Yacht + Exterior decks

1  4 800,00 € 4 800,00 €
Design of the 3D virtual tour with omnidirectional displacement of a 80m Yacht with Web-enabled rendering 1 3 800,00 € 3 800,00 €
TOTAL HT 8 600,00 €
MYS DISCOUNT -10% -860,00 €
SUB TOTAL 7 740,00 €
TVA 19% 1 470,60 €
TOTAL TTC 9 200,60 €